The Suede College Of Austrian Economics

I am still in the process of organizing the lectures and creating the classes.  I will eventually add reading materials and supplementals to the lecture series.  Currently I have around 150 individual lectures posted.

Here is a free online treatise on Austrian economic theory by Rothbard, Man, Economy and State.  This book will teach you everything you need to know about Austrian theory from the ground up.  It is written at the junior college level, suitable for the intelligent layman.  You can order a hardbound version here (which I HIGHLY recommend doing) for a very reasonable price.

The Suede College Of Austrian Economics

Lower Division Courses

90 Economics In One Lesson

100 Introduction To Austrian Economics

Upper Division Courses

101 Microeconomic Theory

102 Macroeconomic Theory

107 American Economic History

108 The History Of Political Philosophy

131 Economics of Health and Healthcare

134 Environmental Economics

160 Money and Banking: Monetary Theory

300 The Economics Of Fascism

301 Voluntary Society

The following link will open your iTunes program and take you to the Mises Institute’s iTunes University store page where you can download hundreds of free lectures on Austrian economics.  Obviously you must have iTunes installed for the link to work correctly:

Mises Institute iTunes University

If these lectures have piqued your interest, you can buy a professional 52 week home study course in Austrian economics from the Mises institute here.

After many years of preparation, we are very pleased to introduce a complete curriculum and method for your first year of study in Austrian Economics.

There is no better way to learn Austrian economics than from this organized curriculum that takes you from A to Z in the Austrian tradition. This in-depth overview of the modern Austrian School, its theory, approach to history, and policy implications will train you to think through all economic problems. Whether you are preparing for college, graduate school, professional life, or just want to learn, this is the ideal program. It is structured to take you step-by-step through the entire range of the Austrian world view.

The coursework is divided into 52 lessons to cover 52 weeks, a complete year of study that can be pursued at home. With the Home Study Course, you can stick to the schedule or go at your own pace.

The year-long course is prepared by Professor Robert Murphy (PhD, NYU) in consultation with Mises Institute staff and other faculty.

Each week covers one topic, and is tied to an hour-long lecture and related readings. It includes study questions to guide your learning and research. The audio lectures are selected from among hundreds of hours of lectures so that you are given access to the best of the best, with lectures by great Austrian economists ranging over 30 years.

This course gives you what no live classroom can, which is the opportunity to study with a huge faculty of specialists and their lectures over a long span of time and at a pace that is right for you.

The lessons are divided into these general areas: The Core of Austrian Theory, Ethical Foundations, Applied Economic Topics, Government Distortions, Economic History, Alternative Schools of Thought, and Perspectives on the Past and Future. Within each are the 52 lectures tied to readings from the Austrian literature.

The set arrives with a 52-week Lesson Plan and Study Guide, 16 books, a Supplemental Readings packet, and 52 hours of audio lectures (format: MP3, which is standard for computers, and newer CD players in home and car). Everything is included. You do not need internet access to undertake and complete the course.

  1. Home Study CD, with 52 hours of lectures from Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Joseph Salerno, Thomas DiLorenzo, Thomas Woods, Jörg Guido Hülsmann, George Reisman, Ralph Raico, Robert Higgs, Roger Garrison, Peter Klein, Jeffrey Herbener, Mark Thornton, Lew Rockwell, David Gordon, Richard Vedder, Richard Ebeling, David Osterfeld, and Robert Murphy. In addition, there are classic lectures by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Robert LeFevre
  2. Lesson Plan and Study Guide with study questions
  3. Supplemental Readings packet
  4. The following complete books:
    1. Great Austrian Economists, Randall Holcombe
    2. Against Leviathan, Robert Higgs
    3. An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, David Gordon
    4. Introduction to Austrian Economics, Thomas Taylor
    5. Antitrust: The Case for Repeal, D.T. Armentano
    6. Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays, by Mises et al.
    7. Chaos Theory, Robert Murphy
    8. Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises
    9. Economic Science and the Austrian Method, Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    10. Economics for Real People, Gene Callahan
    11. Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt
    12. Economics of Liberty, ed. Lew Rockwell
    13. Education, Free and Compulsory, Murray Rothbard
    14. Theory and History, Ludwig von Mises
    15. Two Essays by Ludwig von Mises, Ludwig von Mises
    16. What Has Government Done to Our Money?, Murray Rothbard

(Items in the course are part of a package; individual items cannot be excluded)

Learn Austrian economics from the masters. Gain confidence in your ability to think like an Austrian economist. Start your studies today!

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