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Vaccine Mandate Employee Letter Example

No authorship claim or copyright asserted…this letter just came to me in a bottle, and I have no idea who might have penned it, nor can I possibly vouch for it, and what you fine folks do with it is entirely in your own hands, as the Gentlemen of the Bar remind me I can…

MSM Lies About Controlled Demolition In Palestine

THIS is a controlled demolition. It was first struck by rockets, but the collapse of the building is a result of controlled demolition. According to BBC, the building was evacuated prior to this happening because of Israeli warnings. I don’t know what purpose they have for peddling this as a missile attack, but anyone who…

Tucker: Fauci Is Criminally Liable For Causing The Pandemic, Funding Wuhan Lab

If you missed Tucker last night, you may not know that Fauci is directly responsible for causing the pandemic.  And by “directly”, I mean he is literally the guy who ordered the lab research, approved the lab research and provided funding for the lab research that created the SARS COVID virus in the Wuhan lab – well actually, you provided the funding, because Fauci used your tax money to make it happen.

Transcript of the show and a link to the science article in question.

Feds Arrest Kid’s Parents For Protesting At Capitol, Leaving Him Destitute, While A NY Judge Rips Child Away From Mother For Not Wearing Mask

On Monday Zack Meggs reached out to The Gateway Pundit. Zach’s parents were arrested in February by the FBI for protesting inside the US Capitol on January 6th. Zach’s parents are still being held by their government for nearly a month now. His father is in isolation most of the day. The Meggs family owns…

ChiComs Seize Control of FBI – Target Civilians In Militarized Raids

Retired Army Sargent had his home raided and was hauled of to DC for trespassing on publicly owned property.  Now his family is destitute and the feds locked their bank accounts. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/retired-army-sgt-kenneth-harrelson-arrested-attending-jan-6-protests-familys-bank-account-locked-wife-loses-job-frightened-dont-know/ This man had a full tactical team blow the doors off his house. He was also arrested for trespassing on publicly owned property…

Crowder Discovers Insane Voter Roll Changes After Pointing Out Addresses That Don’t Exist

Steven Crowder reported last Tuesday that his staff found numerous addresses on the Nevada voter rolls that were completely fictitious. Crowder sent several of his staff to investigate the addresses in-person to verify that they did not exist.  Immediately following the airing of that show, someone made changes to the Nevada voter roll addresses, changing some of the addresses that Crowder had just investigated.

Nevada’s stated policy, explicit on their own website, is that updates to voter rolls are only made on Mondays.  What’s also odd is that some of the updated addresses also do not exist.  It appears that either a hacker is changing voter information in Nevada or Nevada officials are making changes outside of policy to try and cover up what Crowder discovered – either way, the voter rolls are now suspect and cannot be trusted without a full forensic audit and security review.