Election Fraud Detectives Thrown In Prison For Not Disclosing Confidential Source In A Liable Lawsuit From A Company That Was Just Charged With Election Fraud

They just arrested the True The Vote founders, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, for contempt because they would not turn over a confidential source. The levels of insanity in this case will completely blow your mind. This is next level corruption on a scale unimaginable.

This pertains to True the Vote coming into possession of hacked data from a Chinese server containing information on US elections workers owned by a company called Konnech. Once True the Vote had obtained this information, they immediately contacted the FBI and turned over everything they had.

During the summer, one of the FBI agents True the Vote was working with called them to warn them that the FBI DC office just took over the investigation and flipped it on its head. He said the FBI was now targeting True the Vote for criminally obtaining the hacked information, instead of looking to Konnech for election fraud.

At the urging of this good FBI agent, True the Vote went public with the info they had obtained on Konnech. Konnech then immediately sued them for liable, which is what lead up to this contempt charge being filed.

The CEO of Konnech, Eugene Yu, was just arrested in CA for election fraud, exactly as True the Vote had claimed they were engaged in. True the Vote actually put out a notice a few weeks ago thanking the Los Angeles DAs for their work on arresting Yu.

The judge in the liable case, rather than dismissing the lawsuit against True the Vote after it came out the CEO was arrested for election fraud, instead demanded to know who was in the room with True the Vote when they went over the hacked data. True the Vote refused to turn over the source, so the judge just threw them in prison.


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