Biden Accidentally Admits US Is Planning A Nuclear False Flag In Ukraine

Biden just basically admitted the US is planning to conduct a false flag in Ukraine with a nuclear weapon. His dementia brain said the false flag part out-loud, while contemplating Russia’s use of a tactical nuke. Obviously it would make no sense for Russia to conduct a false flag.

Recall that the Russians came out the other day and said they know the US already smuggled a dirty bomb into the city of Mykolaiv. Today they sent a notice to NATO saying that, if it were to go off, they would consider it an act of nuclear terrorism. Obviously they could use that to justify a nuclear response.

This “gaffe” is similar to the one where he basically admits the US was planning to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline if Russia invaded the Ukraine, which then later happened.

By the way, these comments were made during a press conference covering Biden receiving what I believe to be his fifth COVID booster. He could drop dead any day from that vaccine, leaving us with the first black female President in US history in charge of the US military while a nuclear false flag is being carried out against Russia.


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