9/11 Memorial Story: Sales Rep Watched Tower Six Explode At The Moment Tower Two Was Hit

On 9/11/2001, software sales rep. Richard Grove should have been in a meeting with executives at the top of the world trade center, but due to lucky timing, he was instead driving past WTC 6 in his Porsche with the top down at the moment WTC 2 exploded above him. Richard recalls seeing numerous explosions going off in WTC 6 that were synchronized with the explosion of WTC 2. While this is an interesting story in itself, that’s not the only thing related to 9/11 Richard was wittiness to.

Richard unknowingly sold corrupt software to mega-corporations like AIG, Tyco, Lehman and Marsh & McLennan, that allowed them to illegally hide transactions from Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements. Eventually Richard found out about the backdoor in the software when one of his clients brought it to his attention during a conference. Richard was fired from his job when he tried to tell the company that was buying out his software firm about the backdoor in the code, and that they were getting ripped off.

If you’ve never hear Richard’s story before, be prepared to have your hair blown back.

Of course, every 9/11 post must also include an obligatory link to the masterpiece created by Architects and Engineers for Truth:


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