Will The Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

Here’s “Joe Biden” at the White House Roundtable today compared to a profile shot taken by Newsweek back in 2012.

Nose, earlobes, wrinkle patterns, eye size and location, basically everything is off. This is not the result of a face-lift.

Back in my college days, I used to work as a bouncer and a Residence Hall Officer for a major university. I also worked as a gate sentry in the Navy. I spent many years of my life comparing IDs to faces. I am a trained expert in photo ID comparison. I’ve compared faces to hundreds of thousands of IDs in my lifetime – I’ve looked at FAR more IDs than any cop would do in their entire career.

Conservatively, lets say I looked at 300 IDs a day, 5 days a week for just 2 years. That’s 218,400 ID’s I looked at (I spent way more time looking at IDs than that). The only people who might look at more IDs than me are TSA agents, but TSA agents don’t have an incentive to actually find fakes, and most people don’t have an incentive to use fakes when boarding a plane. I got paid for every fake I found.

If this imposter walked into my bar and presented me the real Joe Biden’s ID, I would have confiscated the ID and thrown him out on his ass. I’m telling you, based on my expert opinion, this is an imposter. I’d bet my life on it.

For the novice, it’s probably easiest to see the difference in earlobes. The imposter has an attached earlobe and the real Biden has a detached earlobe.

Here’s the real Joe Biden taking a drive with Jay Leno back in 2016. It appears the real Joe Biden went off the radar sometime around 2016-17 and hasn’t publicly been seen since, at least as far as I can tell from public photos.

The “President” is not the President, which makes sense, since history has taught us that justice eventually catches up to treasonous criminals in the long run. If you are the one who is responsible for killing millions (billions eventually?) of the global population with a “vaccine” and imploding the world’s reserve currency, you’re probably not gonna wanna be around when the shit finally hits the fan. The real Joe Biden is probably kicking back in the suburbs of Beijing under an assumed name right now.

Compared to other Presidents, President “Biden” has done virtually no press conferences. He has given almost no speaking events. He has spent 40% of this time in office on vacation – it’s not just because his body double is going senile. They can’t have him interacting with people because there’s no way the body double could know all things the real Joe knows. The body double can’t talk to anyone who has history with the real Biden who isn’t in on the sham.

They are green-screening everything. Here’s an outdoor press conference they green-screened. Ever wonder why?

Isn’t it convenient that “Biden” is showing signs of dementia? That makes covering up the fact the imposter can’t have interactions with people who have history with the real Biden all the more believable.

Isn’t it convenient that everyone had to wear face masks around the time Biden ran for President, thereby covering up the imposter’s face for a long enough period of time to make people forget what the real Biden looked like? The man supposedly got 81 million votes while campaigning from his basement.

The President is not the President. We are in the end game.

Watch this.

I hope you got backup power and food, because they are coming for the energy grid next. They are going to wipe out western civilization on their way out the door. These people are complete psychopaths.




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