F'ed Up Sh** That Went Down This Week

Boston Children’s Hospital wants your kids to know how awesome it can be to have their uterus surgically removed.

Judge who ordered raid on Trump’s home has previously recused himself from Trump cases multiple times. He’s also a former Epstein attorney. I mean, it’s not like Trump might have taken the Epstein investigation documents with him when he left office. That’s just a conspiracy theory! Clearly the FBI would never conduct a raid on Trump’s home looking for evidence he might have taken the Epstein documents!

12 year olds in Canada are now dropping from strokes while playing baseball. But don’t worry, there is no way this is related to 12 year olds there being mandated to take a toxic vaccine in that country.

It turns out the Pentagon has a secret army of 60,000 undercover operatives working under assumed identities.

But not to be outdone, the IRS is now hiring armed commandos to go after criminal tax evaders! 87,000 of them! I hope you’re super excited to have your next audit! Because believe me, it’s coming soon! – Did you forget to include the sale of some stocks on a Schedule D? 6 AM no-knock raid with flashbangs for you buddy!

The Capitol police officer who “suffered strokes and died of natural causes” one day after the election protest at the Capitol, texted a cop buddy during the protest to tell him that Antifa was breaking windows all over the place. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence he stroked out and died the day after the protest.

Germany put out a notice saying they are going to increase energy prices on October 1st by 500%. Gonna be a lot of frozen grannies in Deutschland come winter.

The Alex Jones show trial concluded, with the judge denying Alex the opportunity to contest the plaintiff’s claims about his earnings, ordering a summary default judgement without a jury, allowing plaintiff attorneys to submit 7 second long clips of his show while denying Alex the right to see the entire clip in context, lying to the jury about what Texas law says in regards to apologies mitigating damages, denying Alex the right to even claim he is innocent, providing illegal jury instructions to the jury regarding punitive damages, ignoring the Texas law that caps punitive damages to 750,000 per plaintiff, etc.. etc.. etc.. – but there was one bright moment during the show trial:

Meanwhile back in Maricopa, they are still up to their old tricks. Here’s a nice video of a Maricopa election worker loading the same ballots into the counting machine multiple times during the recent GOP primary that took place there. This was likely a democrat trying to undermine Kari Lake’s bid for governor.

And finally, last but not least, the Secret Service, DHS and the entire military present on January 6th, all had their phones wiped right after the protest. Cleanest “insurrection” of all time!


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