Six Young Canadian Doctors Drop Dead The Same Week Their Hospitals Roll Out The Fourth Shot

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I tried calling the offices of the three who died at Trillium. One of them had an automated messaging saying he was out on “medical leave” until September. The other’s office was closed, and the hospital wasn’t taking calls about the third. They are all young. Trillum is claiming it had nothing to do with the vaccines LOL!

If these were accidents, you can be sure they would be making that widely known. The fact that nothing is being said about the cause speaks volumes.

Check out the New South Wales data of COVID deaths and hospitalizations. People on the fourth shot have like two to three times the rate of dying from “COVID” as the unvaccinated.

Update: Jakub Sawicki was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer signet ring adenocarcinoma. He had no risk factors and did not have cancer genetics in his family. The vaccine is known to suppress the immune system and is highly carcinogenic. It can cause latent cancers to spiral out of control very quickly. Canada began forcing vaccines in August, same month he was diagnosed.

Gastric cancer is extremely rare in people under 50. 60% of cases are found in people over the age of 64. Between 2000 and 2015, the annual total cases for people age 50 and under averaged around 713 for the entire United States, which has ten times the population of Canada. A person under 50 has odds of about 1 in 324,000 of being diagnosed with gastric cancer annually.

Lorne Segall died after a year long fight with lung cancer, which would put his diagnosis around August as well. Both Segall and Sawicki worked at the same hospital. Nothing weird about that!

Canada rolled out the shots in December of 2020, so there is a good chance they were vaccinated well before August. August is just when they started forcing all the healthcare workers to take it.

Stephen McKenzie also worked at the same hospital as Segall and Sawicki. They all died within three days of each other. This is next to statistically impossible. Life insurance agencies are reporting deaths of working aged people are up 40% since the vaccines rolled out, but were not up during the height of the pandemic in 2020. A 40% increase in working aged deaths is also statistically impossible.

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