Inside Information On Uvalde Shooting

Officer Tatum knows some of the cops involved in the Uvalde shooting. They filled him in as to what happened. He does a breakdown of the shooting with the new footage in his latest video.

Tatum is claiming that the initial cops on scene approached the classroom and tried to engage the suspect. They were fired on by the suspect and retreated. Some of those cops believed they had been hit which hastened their retreat.

After they retreated, they called for tactical backup. The dispatcher told the responding tactical team they were facing a barricaded suspect. The tactical cops we see standing around in the hallway for long periods of time were never told there were kids in the classroom.

The tactical team believed they had plenty of time to properly stage an entry, setting up medical and getting the proper bullet proof rifle shields in place before doing anything. During the 40 minutes or so they were in the hallway staging this gear and planning what to do, no shots were fired.

Toward the end of the incident, the officers heard the gunman fire several shots, which then prompted them to do a quick entry and engage the gunman. The time from when they hear the shots to the time they made an entry into the room was around four minutes.

Tatum believes the tactical cops were not cowards and did everything correctly according to what they believed they were facing at the time. He also thinks the school messed up big time by not locking the doors, and that the dispatch and initial cops made a major mistake by not clearly communicating this was an active shooter to the tactical team. and that the initial cops should have immediately reengaged the suspect instead of waiting for backup. He also said the teams radios did not work in the school, so they had no way of communicating once they were inside.


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