Vaccine Effectiveness Drops To Zero In Canada, With Triple Jabbed Being MORE Likely To Die

According to Canadian public health data, about 9 out of 10 people who have died from COVID between May 1st and June 12th of this year were vaccinated. Given that Canada is reporting a 90% vaccination rate for its adult population, this would put the vaccine efficacy rate against death for Canada near zero.

Of course, Canadian public health officials would never publish this information outright. Instead, they occasionally put out totals of cases, hospitalizations and deaths starting from December 14, 2020 when virtually none of Canada was vaccinated. Not only does this prevent us from seeing the monthly rate of change, it also makes it seem like the vaccines are super effective to anyone casually looking at the data since many of the deaths occurred when virtually no one was vaccinated.

However, thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine , we can see the statistics they published in May and then subtract those numbers from what they published in June, which allows us to calculate how many people are dying while vaccinated for the month of May timeframe. So let’s do that.

Here are the May starting figures.

And here are the June 5th ending figures.

Here is a breakdown of the differences.

Hmmm… not look’n too good for the vaccine.

Looking at the death statistics for May, 83.3% of deaths were “fully vaccinated”. If we assume everyone who died was an adult (likely), and we assume that Canada is being honest when they tell us 90.2% of the adult population is “fully vaccinated” (unlikely), that would give us a ratio of 0.92.

At the end of May, the Canadian government was claiming that 58.52% of adults had been triple or quadruple jabbed. When we compare that to the death data, it appears you are MORE likely to die than a person who is “fully vaccinated” (for the science geeks out there, this is likely due to T-Cell exhaustion.)

It’s worth noting that as of June 19th, Canada was reporting 92.61% of adults had at least one dose, which means 7.39% of adults are completely unvaccinated. So 7.39% make up 13.8% of deaths, a ratio of 1.86 vs. 1.11 for the triple jabbed. This is a change from the way I previously looked at the data, which implied the vaccines offered no protection from COVID death at all.

To put the real risk for the unvaccinated in perspective, 235 deaths out of an approximate 2.2 million unvaccinated adults was about a 1 in 9,000 chance of dying from COVID that month. This is far lower than the odds of a serious vaccine injury. According to the 2020 Canadian data, the odds of dying from COVID was about the same as dying from from an accident, and that’s with a completely unvaccinated population and a deadlier strain of the virus. We are also assuming all these COVID deaths are actually from COVID, and not from people who merely had COVID when they got run over by a bus.

In terms of protection from disease, the vaccines are less than worthless. I have to question the death data when the numbers indicate you’re more likely to get sick if you are vaccinated. Seems a little fishy to me. This fact also COMPLETELY undermines the logic of mandates. I believe the logic for forced mandates is that the selfish unvaccinated have a higher chance of getting sick and thus spreading the disease to people who conscientiously took the vaccine (which makes no sense if the vaccines work), but now that we know the unvaccinated actually have a less chance of becoming sick in the first place, why would anyone who is vaccinated care if a person choses to remain unvaccinated? The unvaccinated person puts the vaccinated person at less risk than another vaccinated person!

It appears that Canadian health officials grew wise to the fact that their monthly data dumps were being archived by the Wayback Machine sometime in mid June, which is about the time other news sites started writing articles about this archived data. It appears they disabled archiving of the page around this time. Now why would they do that?

The days in green represent days where the archive robot was redirected to an error page.

This is what the stats look like as of today. They dumped the partial dose category and added the full suicide mode category.

So there you have it. Go get your boostas and go shoot up your kids with this highly effective and perfectly safe vaccine. In fact, the vaccines are so effective that they managed to increase the number of COVID deaths in Alberta by 80%!

Meanwhile in Haiti, where only 1.4% of the population is vaccinated, only 837 people have died from COVID since the pandemic began in 2020 out of 11 million people.

And remember, 27 year olds dropping dead from strokes, along with 17 year olds, 20 year olds and 32 year olds dying in their sleep, is perfectly normal. Same as life insurance companies reporting a 40% increase in the deaths of working aged adults for no particular reason at all. There is no cause for concern. And I’m sure this nurse who breaks down while trying to talk about the vax carnage she has seen in the ER is totally making it all up. I mean it’s just one nurse. It’s not like there are dozens of other nurses saying the same thing.


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