Is The Bill Gates Mafia Targeting Meat Production? Multiple Food Distribution Plants Go Up In Flames.

Several food distribution plants go up in flames.

Fertilizer plant goes up in flames.

Fertilizer shipments disrupted by sanctions.

Union Pacific restricts fertilizer distribution.

Russia’s largest chemical plant goes up in flames.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Here’s my theory. First, it’s always about money, so who stands to gain? It seems like these attacks are directed toward meat production and nitrogen based fertilizers. If you take out the nitrogen supply, farmers are forced to plant more soy because soy doesn’t rely on nitrogen fertilizers. If you take out the meat processors, it will drive up the cost of meat.

So now you get a one-two punch, with a reduction in corn and cattle feed from the lack of nitrogen fertilizers and higher costs to process the cattle, while simultaneously driving down the cost of soy, which benefits soy based alternative meat products.

Who owns huge shares of Beyond Meat and Impossible? Why, it’s our favorite vaccine pushing tech oligarch who thinks the planet’s population is too high, along with his cronies!

Coincidence? Maybe. Chris Martenson thinks something stinks about this, and I couldn’t agree more.


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