Why Did Russia Invade The Ukraine In 2022? Here Are The Real Reasons You’re Not Being Told

In 2014, the US overthrew the democratically elected Ukraine government and installed a neo-Nazi as President in a CIA funded coup, often referred to as the Maidan Massacre. The following Presidents were no better. The current guy Zelensky used to be a clown – literally. He’s supported by the West because he’s completely sold the Ukraine out to Western interests. The Ukrainian government is completely corrupt. Remember, Biden had them halt the investigation into Burisma because his son was being paid millions in kickbacks. To top it off, the Ukrainian military and militias are run by Nazi sympathizers. In fact, there is an entire regiment in the Ukrainian military staffed by dedicated neo-Nazis called the Azov. These Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia units have a long history of war crimes.

According to attorney Robert Barnes, one credible Ukrainian pollster has Zelensky with a lower approval rating than Biden. Very few Ukrainians approve of him, and the only people who actually want to fight for him are the hardcore neo-Nazis that run the military. The Ukrainian government just issued a draft for all men ages 18 to 60 because no one wants to fight the Russians; news stories claiming otherwise are propaganda and lies. Ukrainian men are not allowed to leave the Ukraine. The Azov are threatening to shoot military aged men who try to flee the conflict zone. These testimonies are backed up by press reports and secondary sources.

Zelensky recently declared martial law, banned eleven opposition political parties, including the second largest political party in the Ukraine, but did NOT ban parties aligned with neo-Nazi groups, such as Svoboda. Zelensky has allowed the neo-Nazis free reign to harass his political opponents and the ethnic Russians in the Donbas because they share common political interests, much like the Democrats use the violent far left in America to do their dirty work.

In contrast to Zelensky, Putin enjoys a 70% approval rating, with broad support among the Russian people. Before invading, the Russian parliament approved the military action. Putin’s invasion has massive support from the Russian public.

Eastern Ukraine, which is referred to as the Donbas region, speaks Russian. Nearly half the people in the Donbas are ethnic Russians. The people in the Donbas are generally friendly toward the Russians. They see this as a Russian peacekeeping mission. Claims that Russia is shelling Donbas civilian population centers in an effort to kill civilians make absolutely no sense from a strategic or political standpoint; it’s more likely than not that they are untrue. The only people who stand to gain from such actions are the Nazis. The Nazis have been using civilian infrastructure to hide their military equipment, forcing the Russians into attacking civilian population centers: example 12345, and a whole lot more.

The Nazis in western and central Ukraine hate the ethnic Russians for obvious historical reasons. That said, I want to be clear, I’m not suggesting that all western and central Ukrainians are Nazis. There is a small militant Nazi wing of Ukrainian politics that has an outsized influence in proportion to their numbers due to their propensity for violence and western backing that are behind this war.

After the CIA funded Nazi coup, the Donbas held local elections to see if they should declare independence from the Ukraine, which the vote approved. A civil war ensued, which the Donbas separatists basically won with support from Russia.

A peace agreement called the Minsk Accords was agreed to by the Ukrainian government which brought the conflict to a temporary end. Since the signing of the Minsk Accords, the Ukrainian military has repeatedly shelled the Donbas region and cut off essential services to the people living there. Ukrainian newscasters have openly called for the murder of Russian children while praising Adolf Eichmann.

Putin said he would attack if the Ukraine violated the Minsk Accords, which obligated the Ukrainian government to sit down with Donbas elected officials and work towards Donbas independence, as well as forbidding the Ukraine from joining NATO or hosting nuclear weapons.

Just before the invasion, there was something on the order of 2,000 violations of the ceasefire by the Ukraine against the Donbas. This caused Russia to finally recognize the independence of the region. Further, Zelensky went on record asking for NATO membership and changed Ukrainian law to allow NATO troops on Ukrainian soil in preparation for massive joint military exercises, as well as saying he was open to hosting nukes. Just days before the military action, Kamala Harris went to Europe and gave a speech with Zelensky saying she admired his desire to join NATO.

On top of the Ukraine throwing the Minsk Accords in the trash and the West violating promises NATO made to Soviet Russia back in 1991 to not expand eastward, last year the US government admitted the Pentagon is controlling biological laboratories all over the Ukraine; this was further bolstered by evidence Russia recently made public and presented to the UN Security Council, as well as evidence published by The National Pulse. Now Russia is claiming they have actually seized US bioweapons in the Ukraine. The evidence is so overwhelming that Fox News is being forced to cover it.

In a recent Senate hearing, the US Under Secretary of State admitted on record that the “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which we in fact are quite concerned that Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of.” – I seem to recall the US going to war over similar circumstances in the past.

But that’s not all! Russian news agency TASS reported that, “On December 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the presence of more than 120 members of private US military companies had been identified in the villages of Avdeyevka and Priazovskoye. He stressed that containers with unknown chemical compounds had been delivered to the village of Avdeyevka and Krasny Liman for staging provocations.”

If you want the detailed explanation of why Russia invaded, you can hear it directly from the horse’s mouth.

This entire war could have been avoided by Biden simply making a public statement that the Ukraine would never be allowed into NATO and that they would never be allowed to host nuclear weapons, along with a threat of cutting off our billions in “aid” if they continued to shell the Donbas. This war was created and promoted by the West. The US government is responsible for what is happening there right now.

Learn a little history. This short video from 2014 will fill you in:

You can get a transcript of the video, along with references and more information, here. (YouTube just age restricted the video because it was getting too much traction with the recent events going on. I’m sure they are burying it so it never appears in a search result again.)

For a more detailed look at the events surrounding the 2014 coup, see the film Ukraine on Fire, which includes commentary from Oliver Stone, along with the follow up film Revealing Ukraine – Continued Investigations Of Crisis Following Ukraine On Fire. They were recently banned from YouTube, so they are well worth watching.

This piece in Intellinews, published on January 27th before the conflict started, provides some insight as to what our glorious leaders envision for the Ukraine.

By the time the US went into red alert mode over “imminent” Russian aggression, Zelenskiy was clearly more preoccupied with domestic politics and the threat of a coup. His messaging became confused as he tried to link his foes, such as oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and ex-president Poroshenko to Russia, while it was clear that if any great power were behind them, then it would be the United States of America.

Akhmetov is one of the top sponsors of the Atlantic Council. The militant street movement, which backs Poroshenko and keeps the threat of a new Maidan alive, is run by Andriy Levus, an activist and former security official directly linked to diaspora organizations created by Nazi collaborators who found refuge in North America under the auspices of the CIA.

The Ukrainians have reasons to suspect that the United States and Britain, with their radical rhetoric unmatched by the real level of threat as well as their enthusiasm about “brave Ukrainians” fighting and dying for the Western cause, are prepared to throw Ukraine under the bus so as to get Russia bogged down in a devastating war. The vision of “a new Chechen war” was evoked by British PM Boris Johnson. Former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas went as far as calling for the US to form a new “coalition of the willing” and engage in a direct conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

Zelenskiy also has good reasons to believe that his allies see him as an impediment. As Julia Ioffe put in her piece for Puck, “the White House and its Democrat allies have just about had it with President Zelenskiy”. Three sources in Biden’s administration and the Capitol she spoke to described the Ukrainian president as “annoying, infuriating and downright counterproductive”.

Ukraine has an America problem on top of its Russia nightmare. Never groomed to be a professional politician, not to mention a national leader, Zelenskiy has to demonstrate the utmost skill to prevent great powers from turning his country into a battlefield.

I personally think the US may want this war for even more sinister reasons. Everything the US government has done under Biden has worked towards diminishing US power globally. By forcing Russia to act, it provides the US an excuse to cut off banking services and oil pipelines, which would further drive Russia into the waiting arms of China. Ultimately this could lead to the destruction of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, resulting in tremendously diminished US power. If one believes Biden was installed by China, as I do, it makes a lot of sense to think this setup is intentional – not only to weaken Russia, but ultimately to destroy the US as a global power.

Here’s a personal story of one family living in the Donbas who had their lives destroyed by the Ukrainian government following the 2014 coup.


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