Kyle Is In Great Danger Of Conviction: Jury Seen Taking Vigorous Notes On Non-Defense Related Topics

Attorney Robert Barnes did polling in Kenosha to determine what the most likely outcome of a random jury would be. He found that Kyle most likely faces a hung jury if the jury is completely random. The key reason cited among those polled for convicting Kyle is they believe he had no business being in such a chaotic violent environment as a minor, so he’s automatically guilty of murder just because they think he shouldn’t have been there armed with a gun. In fact, several jurors were dismissed during selection for stating this very belief openly.

Now we know that’s absolutely ridiculous logic, but remember, we are talking about a jury full of people who don’t know what bathroom to use and who think socialism can bring about a utopia on Earth.

We also know its highly likely the jury has been rigged against Kyle because the defense attorneys refused completely free jury selection advice from a team of the best jury selection analysts on the planet. We also know the defense team is being paid by an ex-SEAL/CIA goon who has weaseled his way into controlling FreeKyleUSA, which is the fund raising organization for the trial. We also know that Kyle’s attorneys are highly liberal Democrats. Barnes said Richards couldn’t even look him in the face when he asked Richards why he was refusing their help.

Now we have reports that many jurors were seen vigorously taking notes any time there was mention of a chaotic environment. Attorney Peter Tragos suspects some of the jury may be activists.

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