Vaccine Religious Exemption Letter

Religious exemption letter:

This letter represents a formal request for a religious exemption from your mandated policy of vaccination.  EEOC regulation, Federal code and US Supreme Court precedent do not require I submit my request for a religious exemption to a vaccine mandate using a pre-supplied form. Nor do they require I answer medical questions or questions of conscience beyond my stated deeply held religious beliefs.

I have a deeply held belief that my body is my own to decide what I put into it, and this belief is sacrosanct. The notion that I must submit to an injection of a substance against my will in order to continue doing a job I’ve been doing throughout this pandemic without incident is shocking to my conscience.

Forcing me to chose between my livelihood or to undergo what amounts to the legal definition of battery is ethically and morally repugnant. The violation of informed consent this mandate imposes is a matter of religious conscience; what the Nazi doctors did is morally wrong, spiritually offensive, and participating or partaking in such invasive, coerced medicine at any time offends the very core of my conscience.

Further, the use of aborted fetuses in either the development or production of these vaccines, or both, when my religious beliefs require that I respect all human life, including fetal life, and not knowingly profit from harm to fetal life, is greatly offensive to me.

I have forwarded a copy of this letter to my attorney [and union representative].

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