Here’s How To Get Vaccine Exemption Letters

Coworker just figured out how to get vaccine exemption letters.

1. Go to any pharmacist and ask for a COVID vaccine.

2. Write on the vaccine form that you are doing this under duress and will be fired for not taking it. Do not check the box that says you are doing this of your own free will.

3. Check one of the boxes that says you are allergic to polysorbate 80.

4. Tell the pharmacist that you have a history of passing out from shots, heart palpitations and that you’ve experienced severe allergic reactions from previous vaccinations. Tell them you are terrified of what might happen. If they ask, a good shot to claim this happened to you for is a tetanus shot because many of them contain polysorbate 80, and they are often administered to adults in an ER after getting cut by something rusty, so you can just claim you don’t remember what happened after you passed out.

5. No pharmacist in their right mind would proceed with the vaccination under those conditions. Once they refuse, tell them you’d like to get a letter stating that they are not willing to vaccinate you.

Your employer is not allowed to ask the pharmacist what conditions you have that preclude vaccination, and they are not allowed to see the form saying you are doing this under duress.

You can rack up a bunch of these letters by going to different pharmacies.

ADA law demands you be given reasonable accommodations for your ‘disability’ – if you are fired, you will have substantial legal grounds for a lawsuit.

I’m not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. I just saw someone do this.

This is what a typical vaccine form looks like.

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