Lindell: Historic Announcement At 7 PM CST Tonight!

Lindell is saying they are going to make a historic announcement at 7 PM CST that will send shockwaves around the world.  After Dr. Douglas G. Frank’s presentation, I don’t doubt it. In one part he showed graphs of the eligible voter population in a given county by age, then compared that to a graph of the ages of the actual registered voters in that county, and they came up with not only insane overall registration rates in most counties, but within those graphs there were points where the number of voters registered of a given age were higher than the number of eligible voters living in that county of that same given age.

So for example, say county X has 5,000 fifty year-olds living in it based on the latest census data, but the voter registration rolls show 7,000 people aged fifty who are registered to vote in that county. Impossible, but this kept coming up all over the US. Thousands of counties.

Then he compared graphs of the number of registered voters by age to graphs of the people who voted in the 2020 election by age and showed a correlation of .994 – meaning he was able to show that practically everywhere he looked in the US, there was a R=.994 correlation between the number of people who voted and the age of registered voters in any given county. R=1.0 is a perfect correlation. This is impossible.


Apparently now its going to be Thursday. I’m thinking Mike was hyping this to get media attention, but I guess we shall see. He brought on a county clerk from Colorado, Tina Peters, who had her office raided while she was on her way to speak at the symposium. Speculation is that she might have router information that could be correlated to Lindell’s IP logs that show election information was being sent over the internet.

Her office was raided by criminal communist Secretary of State Jenna Grizwald, along with Dominion reps. They went into the election machine room and refused to let Peter’s staff observe what they were doing in there while Peters was away at the symposium.

The SoS is accusing Peters of leaking election machine BIOS passwords, but only the SoS had access to those passwords, so this is just a setup and intimidation tactic trying to get Peters to shut up and stop her investigation into election rigging in her county.

If you watch Dr. Frank’s lecture, he teases that they have several counties where they gained access to the machines and routers to preform complete audits – before, during and after the election took place.

Here’s the live presentation he gave today:

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