Most Popular President In US History Has YouTube Remove Dislikes From His Videos – Still Gets Ratioed!

Joe Biden, the most popular President in US history, who won his election with over 80 million votes; the highest number of votes ever recorded for a US Presidential candidate, has been busy deleting, delisting and re-uploading videos to YouTube because they keep getting ratioed into the ground.

You can’t even find this video of his inauguration on the front page of the White House YouTube channel today.  I captured this screenshot yesterday.


Now it comes out that YouTube has also been modifying the ratios:


But here’s the hilarious part; this is what it looks like now:

LOL!  The new viewers keep pushing the ratio back down!  HAHAHAH!  I’m sure YouTube is furiously working on creating a new algorithm to prop up Joe’s like ratio. Just remember this article for the future when Biden’s videos suddenly get millions of views with massive numbers of up-votes.  It’s all a scam, just like his election.

Frontpage Mag just did an excellent article on the Brezhnevesque coronation of King Biden; if you’re curious how that went down – I didn’t bother to watch, and neither did 99.5% of the rest of America.

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