“800 Healthcare Workers, Not One Got Sick! – IMMENSE And POTENT Anti-Viral Activity”

4 million views – Doctor Pierre Kory blowing up the globalist China Virus drug scam with a cheap off-label drug.

“Ivermectin is effective, not only in profolaxis, in the prevention, if you take it you will not get sick. We just came across a trial last night from Argentina, by the lead investigator of Ivermectin in Argentina, Dr. Hector E. Carvallo.

They profolaxed 800 healthcare workers. Not one got sick. In the 400 they did not profolax with Ivermectin 58% got sick. 237 of those 400 got sick. If you take it you will not get sick. It has immense and potent antiviral activity. “

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