The Hype Is Real – MASSIVE Movement Across All Battlefronts!

  • Dominion voting machine analysis released, finds massive fraud baked into the system (read the report, it will shock you)
  • Michigan Sec of State ordered deletion of poll books and other evidence
  • All Michigan Dominion security logs were deleted
  • Dominion Voting Systems is part owned by Biden’s brother-in-law’s family.
  • Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mexico and Michigan have submitted alternate sets of electors
  • Michigan Governor locks Capitol to prevent alternate GOP electors from meeting
  • MI electoral meeting opened with the “Black National Anthem”
  • GA Sec of State announces there will be a signature audit of Cobb County (the major fraud occurred in Fulton County)
  • First doses of China Virus vaccine are shipped and administered to first responders
  • CISA announces a major security breach in federal network administration software across the US, ordering it shut down immediately.  (The timing of the finding leads me to believe they knew about this vulnerability a while ago and left it open as a honey trap, not to mention the CEO of Solar Winds just sold all his stock last week, so the word was already spreading).
  • Solar Wind’s offices just raided by feds.
  • Durham expands his team to include numerous federal prosecutors, and obtained Steele’s notes.
  • WI ruling today agreed with Trump, discounting the votes of anyone who lied about being indefinitely confined, and they agreed that “Emergency Order #12 did not render all Wisconsin electors “indefinitely confined,” thereby obviating the requirement of a valid photo identification to obtain an absentee ballot.”
  • Trump’s Surgeon General says people have to wear masks indefinitely even after taking vaccine.
  • Bill Barr actively intervened to prevent Hunter Biden scandal from coming out before election
  • Bill Barr just submitted his resignation
  • DNI report on foreign election interference due tomorrow.
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