Trump: We Won’t Allow It – “WATCH this six weeks, a lot of big things are gonna happen.”


“2024, I’m not interested right now. Lets do this one first. I don’t want to go four years forward, I wanna go four weeks back. We never give up. And we caught tremendous cheating, tremendous fraud, and you’re going to see it…. We have a very interesting period of time, it’s going to be an incredible six weeks, and you’re going to see a lot of action. That I can tell you. You’re going to see a lot of action. We’ve had a great four years and one way or another we are going to have a great four years because this next four years is gonna be very very exciting. We won’t talk about beyond that, but I really think we are going to be victorious. We have tremendous things happening.

We’ve caught people doing things that you’re not allowed to do – totally illegal – totally illegal. And what we need is a judge or justice with courage, with what it takes, with wisdom, we need someone with wisdom to set it right, because people know, they just did a poll where 79% of the people think something very fishy went on, and you can’t have a system like that. When people think that you can’t have a system like that. And we won’t allow it.

So WATCH. You are special friends, have a great time. Enjoy yourself. We are going to have six incredible weeks, WATCH this six weeks, a lot of big things are gonna happen. ”

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