Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is A Russian Disinformation Plot

-Hunter Biden’s laptop is a Russian disinformation plot.

-Counting ballots in the middle of the night after telling poll watchers the count was over for the night is not against the law and is perfectly normal.

-There’s no evidence that Joe Biden used his power inappropriately to get his brother’s company a 1.5 billion dollar housing contract in Iraq.

-The claimed 1.5 billion from China is what Hunter’s firm hoped to raise in 2014 for investments. Just because Joe, Hunter, Whitey Bulger’s nephew and Devon Archer met with CCP officials seeking investment doesn’t mean they actually got any money from China, even though their firm now manages over 2 billion with no prior investment experience.  It’s not illegal for the CCP to give Hunter’s firm billions to manage.

-Kenes Rakishev is a legitimate businessman with no hint of corruption surrounding his wealth. It was completely legal for Hunter and Joe to meet with him while Hunter was lobbying Rakishev for investment money and Joe was VP.

-Just because confidential Treasury documents cited in a Senate report say the former Mayor of Moscow’s wife gave Hunter’s company 3.5 million she obtained from illegal construction contracts doesn’t mean it’s true.

-Sticking poll watchers behind a Plexiglas wall and covering it with poster board is perfectly in-line with election regulations. There is no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud.

-Joe Biden withheld a billion dollars of tax payer money from the Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired because he wasn’t investigating the company that was paying his son 80K a month for a no-show job vigorously enough.

-Requiring IDs to vote and matching signatures on ballots is racist because brown people can’t figure out how to get IDs or sign their names.

-Joe Biden got 10 million more votes than Obama did because everyone hates DRUMPF. Just because he got more votes than any other Presidential candidate in US history while simultaneously losing more counties than any other candidate in history does not mean any fraud occurred.

-Joe Biden collecting more than a billion dollars in campaign funds, breaking all fund raising records, just shows how awesome he is. Joe is not beholden to any Wall Street or foreign interests. All that money came from legal donors.

-Just because defunct Chinese energy firm CEFC sent an email to SinoHawk Holdings discussing the 5 million dollar unsecured, interest free and forgivable “loan” they orchestrated with the Biden family, doesn’t in anyway prove that Joe Biden knew about the money. Joe Biden is not a “big guy,” so when the email talks about Hunter holding money for “the big guy,” it must be referring to someone else.

-Just because hundreds of thousands of people took advantage of a Wisconsin absentee ballot program where no ID is required if you are bedridden, with 169,282 registering as indefinitely confined this year as compared to the previous year’s 4,890, doesn’t mean there was any wide-spread fraud.

-Tara Reade’s accusations of Joe Biden sexually assaulting her in 1993 are completely baseless.  Just because her mother called into Larry King and asked about getting help for her daughter who had problems with a prominent Senator at the time doesn’t prove anything.  The fact that her brother and friend confirmed to independent reporters that she told them Biden assaulted after it happened in 1993 just proves that Tara Reade’s family and friends are liars.

-Just because a forensic audit of Dominion machines in MI showed they had a 68.05% error rate, that the adjudication process has no audit trail and the ranked choice algorithm was enabled, doesn’t mean any fraud occurred.

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