The Michigan Election Hearings Today Made One Thing Clear: Election Laws Are Not The Main Problem

After listening to the poll watchers in MI today, it’s clear that legal reform alone is not going to stop this in the future.

Watch Dr. Linda Lee Tarver speak at the MI senate hearing today – really listen to what she is saying. If people don’t obey the law now, more laws are not going to solve anything.

I think the State Police, or some other external law enforcement agency that is not under the jurisdiction of local municipalities, must be on call to confront corrupt local law enforcement and corrupt election workers. Enforcement of existing laws would be enough on its own to stop most election fraud, any positive legal changes would simply be icing on the cake.

Not only do we need Republican poll watchers to oversee Democratic areas, we also need Republican law enforcement there to back them up and hold the Democrats accountable.

Speaking of accountability, poll watchers need federal protections to be allowed to video record what is taking place at the polls.  If the police and poll watchers are corrupt, the only way to expose that is through video proof.  Perhaps political parties should be REQUIRED to issue body cameras to their poll workers.

And from the WI election commission hearings, I can tell you one of the critical legal changes that needs to be made is for audits to include the very specific term “READ” when it comes to election observers being able to review the ballots. “VIEW” must be replaced with “READ” in all election oversight laws.

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