Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tosses Case Challenging Mail-In Voting

The commies on the PA Supreme Court tossed a case challenging the constitutionality of mail-in voting in PA over issues of standing – it’s a cheap way for them to avoid having to actually rule on the merits of the case. Some sites are reporting this ruling was unanimous; this is not true. This decision was split along party lines, with the Republican justices declaring the mail-in voting provision unconstitutional.  Lawyer Robert Barnes explains:

“Over 2 GOP Justices dissenting, Democratic justices rush in to overturn Pennsylvania trial court order. Their excuse is something I talked about with @VivaFrei on the Friday show w/ Eric Hunley. Courts love to use bogus procedural tricks to evade election lawsuits when the “wrong” side seeks remedy. If you sue before injury, they say you have no “standing” to sue. If you sue after injury, they say you sued too late, and laches bars your claim. If you sue when the injury occured but no remedy easily exists, they say its moot. No standing in spring, laches by summer, and moot by fall. It’s completely bogus. The core problem? Democratic judges rush in to hurt Trump and defend Democrats, but too few GOP judges do the same.”

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