PA Judge Blocks Certification! – PA Legislature Holds Public Hearings!

Here is an order enjoining certification of PA’s electors.  The judge also ordered an evidentiary hearing on the 27th.

Here’s a stream of the PA hearing – the evidence presented will completely blow your mind!

Notes from the live stream:

  • Poll watchers were barred from meaningful observation of ballots
  • Nearly ten thousand ballots that could not be read by machine were hand copied on to pristine ballots with no poll watcher oversight
  • Unauthorized worker repeatedly accessed the USB readers on the ballot counting machines dozens of times over the course of the count.
  • 47 USB cards are missing
  • 70,000 unopened mail-in ballots in a back room were observed after a court order allowed republican poll watchers into the back room, although all the mail-in ballots were supposedly already counted.
  • All chain of custody logs for Delaware county, PA elections are gone
  • 32 USB devices stolen prior to election that contained encryption devices
  • The number of ballots counted in a given time frame are too high to be possible in some districts, 337,000 votes in 90 minutes!  The number of machines present couldn’t processes them that fast.
  • 570,000 votes arrived in very brief windows of time for Biden.  During these spikes, only 3,200 votes were for Trump.
  • 680,000 votes not observed by poll watchers
  • 700,000 more mail-in votes were received than were recorded being sent
  • democrat and republican poll watcher certificates are different colors, making them easily identifiable to poll workers so they know who to discriminate against
  • video of poll watcher being refused entry to a polling facility was labeled fake by fact checkers, even though it actually happened
  • poll watcher certification rules were changed by local boards to make getting enough poll watchers nearly impossible
  • mail-in ballots arrived at the counting center already opened, no observation of ballot opening occurred at all
  • people coming and going from back rooms with armloads of ballots with no chain of custody
  • counting machines were worked on without oversight at multiple locations
  • no written protocols for vote counting process
  • no way to challenge votes due to lack of written protocols
  • PA Supreme Court ruled no ballots could be challenged
  • Montgomery county GOP was not allowed to review ballots and was not provided with the change in rules allowing ballots to be cured
  • Illegal pre-canvasing took place, dem counties were allowed to fix bad ballots before election, but not GOP counties.
  • GOP voters report receiving mail-in ballots they didn’t request and many were made to vote provisional ballots because someone had already voted in their place.
  • at least 188 dead people in Montgomery county voted
  • Some towns report fraudulently high levels of turnout
  • video cameras for observers were from the 1990s and were so bad no meaningful observation was possible through them
  • Statements from people getting ballot printouts that did not show them voting for Trump, but all the other candidates on the ballot did show up.
  • Statements from Trump voters being told to put their printed ballots in the machines incorrectly, which causes the ballot to be rejected.
  • Democrat poll watcher testifying she was met with hostility, threatened with accusations of racism, physical threats of violence and swearing, when she tried to follow proper procedure for the surrendering of mail-in ballots
  • Democrat poll watcher saying judge of elections were not properly receiving mail-in ballots; suggests people were using the process to vote twice., once by mail and once at the polls.
  • unmanned drop-boxes violate chain of custody
  • Election official reporting mass confusion over mail-in ballots,
  • Election official threatened by Registrar when she posted a picture of illegal ballot harvester turning in hundreds of votes at an unmanned drop-box
  • at least 1500 votes were reported being received before they were even mailed.
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