Good News Out Of Michigan: Supreme Court Tells Commie Judge To Do His Job

The Michigan Supreme Court issued a ruling the other day on a case brought by private citizens that was asking for the certification of MI’s election results to be enjoined and for a proper audit of Wayne county to be conducted.

The MI Supreme Court ended up sending the case back to the circuit court and ordered the circuit court to assess the credibility of the fraud claims that were made and to address “Whether the constitutional right to an audit may be utilized to uncover evidence of fraud to challenge the results of an election” and “determine the nature and scope of the audit provided for in Article 2, § 4, so we can determine when the audit occurs and whether it will affect the election outcome.”

Previously, the circuit judge tossed the case, didn’t hold evidentiary hearings on the fraud that was claimed and denied their request for an audit – so the Supreme court is telling the circuit judge there are constitutional issues that need to be addressed and he needs to hold an evidentiary hearing.

Bottom line, it’s now much more probable that an actual proper audit could be ordered.

Lawyer for the case Dave Coleman explains the order at 43:40

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