Michigan Certifies And The Pennsylvania Lawsuit Is A Turd

The Michigan board of elections certified their fraud today, which makes it more likely the electors for Biden will be approved.

I listened to a law review of the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit. They fucking left out the MAIN CLAIM OF POLL WATCHERS NOT BEING ALLOWED TO VIEW THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS FROM THEIR LAWSUIT – no, I’m not joking.

Rudy gave all these great oral arguments on how the poll watchers were blocked from viewing the ballots, and how people had to use binoculars to try and see, as well as them being corralled behind Plexiglas walls – none of it mattered. None of it mattered because THEY DIDN’T PUT IN THE GOD DAMN FUCKING COURT FILING – THEIR MAIN ARGUMENT! – NOT IN THE COURT FILING!




You cannot introduce new arguments on appeal, and the judge denied their motion to amend their complaint to add the blocking of poll watchers. So now they have to argue on appeal that the judge made a mistake in denying their motion to amend their complaint – VERY UNLIKELY TO SUCCEED.


All they have left are their equal protection claims which are very tenuous. They did not particularize how many votes may have been impacted by some counties allowing notice and cure, and some not allowing it. They are asking the judge to throw out one county’s votes because another county screwed up their process.

Here is the amended red-lined complaint, where they took out everything that is red-lined in the document.

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