Government Services Administration Is Allowing Biden’s Transition To Move Forward

Commies are dancing because the Government Services Administration is allowing Biden’s transition to move forward.

MI just certified their results and I just did a post explaining why the lawsuit in PA is a turd sandwich; they completely removed all references to poll watchers being blocked from observing.

The PA lawsuit is such a turd burger I have to wonder if the Trump team intentionally canned it. It’s so bad I don’t understand what they were even thinking. There were so many good arguments they could have made, and this is what they are bringing?

God forbid Biden is installed, I can’t help but laugh at what his inauguration would look like. May be a few thousand Biden supporters from the DC swamp, surrounded by a million pissed off Trump supporters?

A quarter million Trump supporters marched on DC with absolutely no infrastructure on a few days notice. Could you imagine how many would show up to protest a Biden inauguration? Millions. LOL!!

Mark my words, there is absolutely no way Biden will have an inauguration if he is installed.

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