Potential Lawsuit Seeks To Turn California Red, Throw Out 53 of 58 Counties Votes

California ballots were not printed in accordance with California law, and the law stipulates that any ballot not printed in accordance with the standards cannot be counted.

The severe, Legislature-mandated consequence of failure to follow any of the standards of Division 13, Chapter 3, Ballot Printing Specifications, is stated quite plainly in the Elections Code Section cited below:


Ballots not printed in accordance with this chapter [Chapter 3] shall not be cast nor counted at any election. [Emphasis added]

(Enacted by Stats. 1994, Ch. 920, Sec. 2.)

We are challenging all of the ballots for 53 of California’s 58 Counties, save 5, viz.: Inyo County, Kern County, Santa Barbara County, Nevada County and Alpine County, on the basis of failure to comply with Elections Code Section 13205 (b) which you will find immediately below:


 (b) In elections when electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, there shall be placed upon the ballot, in addition to the instructions to voters as provided in this chapter, an instruction as follows:

“To vote for all of the electors of a party, mark the voting target next to the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates of that party. A mark of the voting target next to the name of a party and its presidential and vice presidential candidate is a vote for all of the electors of that party, but for no other candidates.”

(Minor typographical edits in accord with AB 623 amending this section have been applied.)

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