Prepare For Internet Blackout And Total Information Control

FYI: There is a very good chance all social media and video sharing platforms will be taken offline in the near future. Parler is not secure and will be wiped out at the hosting level. Be sure to have Gab accounts and know how to use VPNs, torrents and video sharing apps like LBRY.

Trump will be communicating with us through the emergency alert system to bypass the censorship.

Q posts are making many insinuations that the people organizing the coup are planning on cutting off communications in some form. These people have nothing left to lose and control most of the internet infrastructure. Now I’m seeing other posts pop-up from other sources mentioning the same thing. Just letting people know to be prepared.

Oh, and you might want to stock up on your favorite reading materials, because the only entertainment you might be left with is broadcast TV that will be pumping out nonstop propaganda if this goes down they way it looks like it will.

#NCSWIC #NothingCanStopWhatIsComing

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