2019 Article On The History Of Dominion: America’s Electronic Voting System is Corrupted to the Core

Here’s a fascinating article on our election systems written by a lefty back in 2019. Gives a history of Dominion, ESS / Diebold, and the lobbying that went on around them. Long, but worth a read if you want the backstory on these companies.

Here’s a little snippet about Dominion.

“Compared to ES&S, even less is known about Dominion, which accounts for 37 percent of US election equipment. Dominion was a Canadian company that became a major player in US elections when the Department of Justice forced ES&S to sell some of Diebold’s assets because the combined ES&S/Diebold company had accounted for a whopping 70 percent of US election equipment.

It was Dominion that rose from obscurity to buy those Diebold assets in 2010. We don’t know if Dominion is related to ES&S, or if it’s a legitimate competitor because it is also owned by private equity.

What we do know is that Dominion does its programming in Serbia. And a former executive of GTech/IGT — an international gaming company and former Paul Manafort client — joined Dominion as a Senior Vice President in June 2016.”

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