GP: WE CAUGHT THEM! Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden’s Steal! WE CAUGHT THEM!

The Gateway Pundit reports:

What happened with the mail in votes is what is statistically impossible (See the orange line below).  In almost every county throughout the state, the President was awarded a percent of votes 40% less than the percent the President won on election day (see the grey line below).  If Trump won a county by 80% of the vote on election day, he won 40% of the mail in vote for a county.  If the President won 60% of the vote on election day he won 20% of the mail in vote in another county.  This pattern occurred in almost every county with the only noticeable exception of Philadelphia, where the President only earned 30% of the vote on Election Day.


These numbers are so consistent that they are almost certainly fraudulent. This is statistically impossible.  This NEVER happens in data sets.

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