Trump’s Loss Was Planned For: This Is Just The Opening Act

I know there are a ton of people who are wondering this morning how more than half of America could vote for a man who was:

  • just caught using his political position to acquire billions of dollars in financial deals for his family with hostile foreign nations as part of an influence peddling operation
  • using his crack addicted son as a bag man to shield millions in taxable income from the IRS
  • working as a Senator his whole life yet somehow acquiring four mansions
  • just recorded confusing his 16 year old granddaughter for his dead son, while his other son was just caught taking naked pictures of himself while standing next to that same granddaughter when she was 14 years old
  • caught on tape withholding a billion dollars of US foreign aid to get a prosecutor fired who was investigating the company his son was a board member on
  • unable to get more than a few dozen people to turn up at any of his political rallies, yet somehow managed to get more votes cast for him than any other Presidential candidate in American history
  • seen repeatedly making confused and senile statements demonstrating OBVIOUS signs of dementia, confusing Trump for George Bush, confusing his wife for his sister, speaking incoherent words, missing his walk-out cues, etc.. etc.. etc..
  • refusing to say if he would pack the courts, calling for the defunding of the police, taking duplicitous positions on fracking, gun control, single payer health care, while members of his campaign contributed to bailing out rioters and looters, etc.. etc.. etc..

Well wonder no more!

And the answer is!  Half of America didn’t vote for him.

If you believe these election results are the product of a legitimate election, with maybe perhaps a tiny bit of fraud thrown in here and there, I have a few buildings in downtown Manhattan I’d like to sell you!

The election fraud is indisputable.  There’s hundreds of thousands of ballots turning up after 3 AM in Wisconsin and Michigan all going to Biden.  There’s the State Attorney General of Pennsylvania openly saying, “If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose” the day before the election.  The count was stopped in various locations for unknown reasons.  There’s all sorts of turnout irregularities, poll watchers being shut out of locations, etc.. etc..

And then there’s the “do you believe your lying eyes” fraud of Biden; a man who had trouble getting a few dozen people to turn up at his rallies, yet supposedly he’s beating Trump, a man who routinely held rallies that topped 50,000 attendees.  Not only is Biden supposedly beating Trump, but in the process, he also set the all time record for most votes cast for a Presidential candidate in the history of America politics!  – JOE BIDEN – let that sink in.  Do you really think that corrupt senile old man got more people to get off their butts and vote for him than Barrack Obama did, mail-in ballots or not?

Do you think Kamala Harris, a woman who has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, and who posts videos praising the ideals of communism on her website while her campaign staff worked furiously to bailout rioters and looters, inspired more people to vote for her campaign than any other Vice Presidential candidate in American history?  Really?

Trump isn’t going to concede, I’ll tell you that right now.

Do you remember what Trump said about Philadelphia election fraud during the Presidential debate?

Trump already knew exactly what was going to happen.


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