Flynn Hearing Today Was A Train Wreck

I listened to all 5 hours of the hearing. I can’t believe this kind of kangaroo court is going on in America. It is absolutely insane to listen to the prosecution strenuously arguing the defense counsel’s case.

This is the biggest train wreck in judicial history. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it. The amicus has absolutely NO BUSINESS being a party to this case! AND THE JUDGE GAVE HIM THE LAST WORD! UNREAL!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The case was a non-stop circus of violation of judicial precedent! I’m still in shock over it.

Imagine you’re Flynn, and you finally manage to fend off one team of politically corrupt prosecutors, only to then face a politically corrupt judge who appoints his own politically corrupt prosecutor, and then has his own prosecutor make the case for why you should continue to be prosecuted! There has NEVER been a case like this in the entire history of American jurisprudence!

Given Judge Sullivan’s behavior, I’m pretty sure he’s going to violate numerous case precedents, refuse to dismiss the case, and then sentence Flynn to some crazy prison sentence and force Flynn to appeal.  And given that the DC Circuit is filled with insane radical communists, this could very well make it all the way to the Supreme Court.  Totally fucking nuts.  I can’t stress how fucking insane this case is.

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