The Danielson Murder In Portland Was A Coordinated Hit – Cameraman In On It

This video gives a nice breakdown of the oddities involved in the Jay Danielson murder.  Notice the cameraman’s reaction to the shooting.  He watches a man get gunned down in front of him, and he doesn’t run, doesn’t duck, doesn’t shake, doesn’t flinch, doesn’t scream, doesn’t comment, he just calmly walks TOWARDS the shooter, keeping a steady view of the unfolding incident, and the first thing he bothers to say a half minute after the shooting goes down is, “I got mace in my eyes.”

The cameraman was in on it, the teams in the vehicles were in on it, the spotter was in on it, and now we have CCTV camera image of Michael Forest Reinoehl hiding around a corner with his hand on his weapon waiting for the spotter to give him the go signal.


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