Violent Communists Arrested For Trying To Burn Down Denver Police Headquarters

Finally some cops actually arresting violent anarchists instead of letting them burn down the city for a change. It remains to be seen if the prosecutor actually charges them. It’s nice to see them actually using the term anarchist as well.

The Daily Mail reports.

Dozens of armed ‘anarchists’ descended on the Denver Police Headquarters late Saturday and damaged buildings, set fires and injured an officer, city officials said Sunday.

The group, consisting of between 50 to 75 demonstrators, were said to be wielding a varying degree of weapons – from axes to guns – during the incident yesterday evening.

Fireworks were shot at officers, an American flag and a tree outside a courthouse were set ablaze, windows were shattered and fast-food restaurant was broken into during the unrest, news outlets reported.

One officer suffered a concussion and third-degree burns, said Police Chief Paul Pazen. The officer was expected to recovery, he said.


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