ShadowGate – A Banned Documentary Covering The Deep State Coup

This documentary was created by Millie Weaver, who is an InfoWars reporter.  Millie was arrested (abducted?) the other day when she live-streamed her arrest by an unnamed officer.  During the arrest Weaver can be heard saying, “burglary?!!” – as if she was being arrested on burglary charges – which is patently insane.  Natural News is claiming there is no record of an indictment under Weavers’ name.  This “arrest” occurred just a few days before the scheduled release of this documentary, which has since been leaked to the public immediately following her arrest.

Here’s a direct link to the documentary.  The video has been banned from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for obvious reasons.

Update on Millie – being held without bond!  Totally insane! She goes before a judge on the 17th.

Update 8/17: Lawyers Viva Frei and Robert Barns discuss what we know so far, prior to any indictment being unsealed.  Barnes makes the point that the process of her arrest was highly unusual for the charges she faces.  A sealed grand jury indictment, arrested on a Friday so she has to spend the weekend in jail, just before the release of a politically damaging documentary, supposedly over an event that occurred many months ago.

Smells rotten.

An account claiming to be Millie’s mother made a post in response to a video about the incident where she had this to say:

This is Millie’s mother… It’s my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohio … because it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done. All families have their disagreements…especially during a quarantine….  I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief, who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning [August 17] and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset… this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry… makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this.

Update – we have the indictment – it is about the incident the mother commented on, which occurred back in April.  The prosecuting attorney is Victor V. Vigluicci – a registered Democrat.

Update – Millie Weaver RELEASED from jail!

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