You Really Need To Hear This About Susan Rice

Susan Rice is the candidate I expected the dems to run this entire time.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the dems have continued to run Biden knowing full well he’s completely senile and would never make it through the election process, let alone a 4 year presidency.

Rice is part of the deep state.  As Tucker Carlson says, she is highly intelligent and extremely dangerous. She openly lied about, and was deeply involved in, the scandals surrounding Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Russia, and the Ukraine.  Her life is dedicated to the acquisition of power.

Rice is not a ideologue like the other insane communists the far left has proposed as running mates.  She is a weapon of the neoconservative order and will work to undermine self-reliance, self-defense and instigate any wars or legislation that will further the neoconservative agenda of globalist corporate power.

Should Biden win, Rice will be the actual President.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Tucker describe the background of this woman.  She could very well be the first female black President of the United States.

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