The Most Enraging Video You’ll See This Year

UK cops arrest Tommy Robinson after he held down a man who sexually assaulted his eight year old daughter in a resort pool.  They did not arrest the man who sexually assaulted his daughter.  I had to take a walk to calm down after watching this.

Of course, YouTube banned linking of Tommy’s video because YouTube is run by communist pedophile democrats.  If you REALLY want to send yourself into a completely uncontrolled rage, take a look at how the UK press is reporting this.

Update 3/6/2020

The police refuse to answer why the child molester wasn’t arrested and why he still hasn’t been arrested.  The police also think that its entirely irrelevant that the man who assaulted his daughter was in a family resort with other men, with no kids or wives of their own. The police also refuse to tell Tommy if they have CCTV footage of the assault on his daughter!  Of course, YouTube blocks the video because it’s run by pedo communists.

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