Commie Infiltrators Force Students To Spend 10 Billion On SJW Courses

Judicial Watch is reporting that communist usurpers have managed to erect a system of forced re-education and subversion in America’s colleges by creating mandates that force students to participate in communist SJW indoctrination classes as a requirement to obtain their degrees.  This forced indoctrination is estimated to cost students 10 billion dollars annually, most of which is paid for with your tax money in the form of subsidized student loans.

Judicial Watch reports:

…Writing programs have been especially impacted by the social justice movement, which affects every student since typically all freshmen must take English regardless of their major. Boise State University’s writing center identifies its mission as “increasing critical awareness of privilege” and City College of New York offers freshman composition that includes “Rhetoric and Social Justice in Writing Resistance.” At the University of Washington, Tacoma the English program aims to dismantle “white privilege, which includes white language privilege.”

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