A Real Bombshell This Time: Leaks Show Burisma Sent Millions Upon Millions To Hunter Biden and Devon Archer

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office show Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and John Kerry were making out like bandits from corrupt business deals, with transfers of 3.5 million USD being sent through Morgan Stanley to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry family.

Nancy Pelosi also has ties to the Ukraine, with her son Paul Pelosi having been appointed to the board of Viscoil, another energy company that has subsidiaries operating in the Ukraine.  How much do you want to bet she’s also involved in corrupt business deals involving the Ukraine?  It explains a lot about why the Dems are willing to torpedo their own party over this absurd impeachment circus – everyone in the Dem senior leadership was involved.  They were counting on a Clinton win to keep their corruption under wraps.


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