Proof Joe Biden DID fire Shokin for Burisma Investigation

The MSM has been busy telling many, many lies about former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.  Glenn Beck busts several popular lies about the prosecutor and the reasons behind his firing in the video below.

One of the favorite lies the MSM likes to tell is that the Shokin wasn’t even investigating Burisma at the time he was fired.  Well, it turns out that the Burisma investigation was not dormant at the time Shokin was fired.  Shokin had filed court proceedings to confiscate the CEO of Burisma’s property just before the Biden phone call took place, which Beck presents in the video.

Another lie the MSM is fond of peddling is that Shokin was never presented a list of Soros related business interests he was not allowed to investigate by US Ambassador Marie YovanovitchBeck presents a video of Shokin’s successor, Yuriy Lutsenko, saying, you guessed it, that US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch had presented him a list of Soros related interests that he was not allowed to investigate.  As the MSM love to lie, they’ve been busy peddling the myth that Lutsenko retracted this absolutely shocking claim.

Of course, he never did.  The media is claiming that because Lutsenko changed his story from Yovanovitch “handing” him a list to Yovanovitch “dictating” a list that we wrote down, that he “retracted” his original claim – LOL.

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