Former Medical Examiner: Criminal FBI Covering Up Epstein Murder

Former New York Medical Examiner and current investigative forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who was present at Epstein’s autopsy, says he’s never seen a suicide in 50 years of investigating prison deaths where the prisoner had three broken bones in his neck the way Epstein did.  He states the damage is more consistent with homicide. In fact, he’s never seen a suicide from hanging with a broken hyoid bone.

He also said he’s never seen a prison death in his 50 years of service where two guards fell asleep, two cameras stopped working, and where a person who said their life was threatened was taken off suicide watch and had their roommate removed.  He is also demanding to know what the results of the DNA swabs were for the ligature that was used to kill Epstein, the dirt beneath Epstein’s nails and on Epstein’s clothing.

Further, at the time of the autopsy, he said the attending pathologist could not rule out homicide, so the cause of death was listed as “pending further review.”  Dr. Baden and Epstein’s family want to know why this was changed, who ordered it to be changed and what new evidence was found that supports the change in the cause of death.

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