Trends.Gab.Com = The New Non-Cucked Drudge Report

For those of you who don’t frequent The Drudge Report website, you may not have known that Matt Drudge’s site went full cuck never-Trump a while back, leaving the conservative base without a decent news aggregation site, besides of course.

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, just released Gab Trends at  Gab Trends is a news aggregation site based on Gab and Dissenter ‘like’, ‘dislike’ and comment activity.  Dissenter is web browser that adds a built in comments section for every web URL in existence.  This means people can now comment on articles, even if CNN disables comments on the article, as long as they are using the Dissenter browser or browser plug-in extension for Chrome, FireFox, Opera or Safari.

Articles on popular news sites that have a high comment activity will automatically populate themselves onto the Gab Trend’s main page.  This make it easy to see what news stories are trending across the web without having to sift through dozens of headlines.

I highly recommend adding this site to your favorites bar, as well as switching over to the Dissenter browser.  Chrome and Google Search have become highly censored.  Dissenter uses the search engine by default, which results in much less censorship of conservative content.

Torba was recently interviewed on The War Room about the downfall of the Drudge Report and why he created Gab Trends.  Torba notes that Drudge dumped his advertising partner of 20 years for a new one with ties to Silicon Valley, and immediately following that, Drudge began pushing his iOS and Android apps that had previously been removed from the app stores.  Troba believes Drudge may have given over the reigns of his operation to communists in Silicon Valley after being paid off in advertising agreements.

Update 12/8/19:  It appears Torba was right.  According to Drudge’s Twatter bio, Drudge Report “WAS” a US based news aggregation site.  Looks like he sold it, most likely to the Chinese.  I don’t blame him.  He should retire with his 10s of millions.  Good for him.

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