Canadian State Prosecutes Journalist For Writing A Book Critical Of Former Premier

The Canadian government is targeting Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn Reid for prosecution after she wrote a book that was critical of Rachel Notely, former Premier of Alberta, during an election year.  They claim she violated election laws after her publisher posted some lawn signs advertising for her book.

No, I’m not making this up.

While Canadians haven’t had a free press for a while now, the section of law she’s threatened with specifically exempts book promotions, but only if, “the book was planned to be made available to the public regardless of whether there was an election”.

So because her publisher (not her) advertised her book during an election year, the police are now targeting her for prosecution because they “feel” she wrote a book critical of the sitting Premier during an election year and she never would have written it if there wasn’t an election.

Let that sink in for a minute.

If you write a book critical of the government during an election year in Canada, the police will target you for criminal prosecution if your publisher then advertises for that book during an election year.

Again, I’m not making this up.

In a recorded phone interview you can hear below, Sheila asked the investigating Gestapo Agent, Ken Brander, what would happen if she refused to answer his questions (what would essentially be pleading the 5th in America).  His response was that there are “consequences for people…that don’t provide the information”.

He went on to say, “I mean there’s production orders, there’s all kinds of things…but they’re all fairly extreme and.. we can do those types of things, but it’s – you know in this case, I really think that we can kind of clear this up pretty quickly.”

Gestapo Agent Brander then demands her production notes, emails, editorial notes and anything else related to the production of her book stating, “if there’s documents you can show me about ..if there’s a book deal, …when it was signed…might hit the market…when those first plans started to be made, that type of thing” she should immediately turn them over.

He follows that up with a threat, “Sheila where people don’t cooperate and then they get…obstruction…the offence for obstruction can be pretty severe...I’d rather it not come to that.”

Gestapo Agent Brander then calls her back and leaves more ominous threats of prosecution if she doesn’t immediately turn over all her records.  He then followed that threat up with a letter stating, “There is a provision (Section 45) in the Election Finances and Contribution Disclosure Act which creates an offense for withholding documents.  Please have a look at that provision Sheila.  It’s a serious offence.  Our office has been asking for these documents and records for several months now.  You have not provided them and have not provided a reason why. This is becoming a concern.”

It’s worth noting that Sheila has pointed out to Gestapo Agent Brander that she has an attorney, Fred Kozak, from Reynolds Mirth Richards and Farmer.  This begs the question of why Gestapo Agent Brander is continuing to threaten Sheila directly, rather than contacting her attorney.  Perhaps its because he has a small dick and likes picking on women who write books for a living, I don’t know.

If you listen to Gestapo Agent Brander, you can tell he’s trying to sound like a good guy who’s just trying to help Sheila out.  Sheila did the right thing.  She didn’t give him any answers and she immediately contacted her attorney.  NEVER, under any circumstances, make any statement to the police if you even remotely think there’s a chance you could be under investigation for anything.

At the end of the video, Sheila states that, for the crime of writing a book that was critical of the Canadian government during an election year, she can be compelled to testify against herself and be forced to turn over private documents, unlike any other defendant facing criminal prosecution for crimes in Canada.

Again, this is not hyperbole. The Canadian election law in question specifically targets book advertising, but Sheila didn’t engage in any advertising of her book because the book’s advertising was taken care of by her publisher, not her.  Therefore, she is being directly targeted by the Canadian Gestapo for prosecution simply because she wrote a book.

Sheila says she will go to prison over this if comes down to it.  We already know the British crown has no problem throwing journalists in prison for criticizing the government.  Just look at what they did to Tommy Robinson and his outrageous show trial that lasted all of 10 minutes with no jury and no defense being allowed.

Rebel Media has already spent over $48,000 in legal fees fighting the Gestapo over this illegal prosecution.  Sheila notes that the Canadian Gestapo have bottomless pockets to fund their insane prosecution, but Rebel Media does not.  The majority of Rebel Media’s expense outlays are for criminal defense lawyers.  Rebel Media is entirely crowd funded, which means you get the unfiltered truth – and it also means they really need your support.

You can help Sheila defend herself against the Gestapo by donating to her criminal defense fund here.




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