Easy Way To Add Dissenter Comments To Your WordPress Site

I figured out a simple and easy way to add Dissenter comments to a WordPress site. It’s a hack that pops open a new Dissenter window directly to the comments for the page hosting the button. It’s good enough until someone writes a proper plug-in.

Install Jetpack, then under your site settings, select the Sharing menu.

Click the “Add a new service” link to bring up the entry form.

In the “Service name” field, enter “Comment on this post.”

In the “Sharing URL” field, enter this URL string: https://dissenter.com/discussion/begin-extension?url=%post_url%

In the “Icon URL”, copy and clip a Dissenter logo from the Dissenter site and shrink it down into a 16x16px or smaller jpg image file, then upload it to your site and enter the link to the image file there.

Click the Create Share Button and drag the newly created sharing button into the Enabled Services field.

Poof, you’re done.  You can optionally also disable all WordPress comments on your site using a plugin called Disable Comments.

Include @BorkusA on a Dissenter comment to notify me of your post.
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