UK Court Sentences Tommy To Nine Months

What a god damn clown world.  Just to be clear, they didn’t convict him of contempt because he filmed Muslim child rapists outside of a court house.  They didn’t convict him of contempt because he violated a reporting ban that they admit he had no way of possibly knowing was in place at the time.

No, they convicted him of inciting violence, after he made a comment in his courthouse video asking why the press keeps hounding him instead of the Muslim rapists that were just convicted of raping children. They also convicted him of causing discomfort to the rapists.

For these heinous offenses, Tommy has been sentenced to nine months in a prison that is most likely run by Muslim jihadist gangs.  There is a high likelihood he will be attacked, poisoned and possibly even killed during his imprisonment.

This is the state of the UK today.

Run by the cucked.  Run by the insane.  Run by criminals who have no conscience or morals. A country where violent Muslim jihadist child rapists are shielded from public reporting, while the men who attempt to tell the public what they have done are sentenced to die at their hands.

I can’t take watching this shit any more.  I need a break.



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