Tommy Robinson Convicted Again Of Contempt

Just got this in my email box.

Update 2, a message from Tommy:

If you haven’t already heard by now, I can inform you that I have today been found guilty of contempt of court along with other ridiculous add-on offenses and am going to be sentenced next Thursday 11th July.

It is looking like I am now going to be sent back to jail in 6 days time. Yes, that’s right, I am going to be sent to jail in 6 days time for asking convicted rapists, as a journalist “how are you feeling about your sentence?”, I have been refused by the judge to be given at least 4 weeks to prepare a pre-sentence report which is unheard of. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, all of these are given time to prepare pre-sentence reports and other necessary assessments before they are sentenced, but of course not me!

The judge wants me back in court on next Thursday 11th July so my punishment or prison sentence can be expedited.

I will say this plainly and straight to the point:


I have huge grounds for an appeal, of which my legal team need to begin working on getting lodged immediately from today. Which means I can then apply for bail from prison hopefully. However we need the lawyers literally working 24 hours a day until next Thursday in order to find how I can appeal this decision!

So if you can help and support me in getting through this then as I have already said many times before, I am eternally grateful. For me this is a matter of life and death, having come close to those who literally want to kill me in prison coupled with prison officers who are complicit in turning a blind eye and allowing inmates to attack. I don’t wish to die in prison, SO I NEED THE BEST LEGAL COUNSEL ON THIS RIGHT NOW researching and finding a way of how I fight this.

Right now my head is in a bit of a spin and there are lots of unknowns flying through my brain. As well as having to find a way to get through today’s ruling, I also have to get my head round the fact that the summer holidays begin next week for my children, who, again may not see their father for a long time, which eats me from the inside chronically, and even more so knowing that I am an innocent man.


I am currently looking at all of the mainstream media reports from today’s ruling and I am not surprised but simply amazed at how they actually find it impossible to report the truth. A truly sad day all round.

A huge thank you to everyone who made it to the court in a show of support and solidarity, you are forever in my heart, you truly are. Yes, I am Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, but we are all Tommy Robinson!

Again, a huge thank you for your support!


Tommy Robinson


Dear Friend,

In a shocking decision minutes ago, freedom of speech suffered a major blow as Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court again. It was the second prosecution of Tommy for live streaming his commentary outside a trial of a Muslim rape gang in Leeds in May of 2018.

Back then, Tommy was convicted in a ten-minute trial and sentenced to 13 months of prison, but after 10 weeks the Court of Appeal freed him.

This time it was a two-day trial, and he was convicted all the same. (The judges will issue the details of his punishment later.)

I’m truly shocked. The prosecution’s case was pitifully weak — because, with the passage of time, it is now certain that Tommy did not, in fact, endanger that rape gang trial. It concluded successfully, with guilty verdicts.

Instead, the prosecution emphasized that, by asking the rapists, “how do you feel about the verdict?” as they walked into court (those were Tommy’s exact words) Tommy was somehow prejudicing the trial, which had actually ended the day before.

This is terrible news for Tommy, but it’s terrible news for freedom of speech and the right to discuss controversial issues in the United Kingdom.And what happens in the UK today, may well come to Canada and the U.S. tomorrow.

Please click here, or visit for all of our coverage on this trial, including the shocking result.

And what can we do, other than redouble our own commitment to fighting for freedom — while we still can.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

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