FBI Caught Posting Conspiracy Theories Against Russia On 8Chan

This news comes to us from an FBI search warrant request against 8Chan involving 8Chan user John Earnest, who was the guy that shot up the California synagogue on April 27th.

In the search warrant affidavit, FBI Special Agent Michael J. Rod included screen captures of a thread that took place the day of the shooting.  In the screen captures, Rod’s 8Chan user ID is visible, allowing users to look up his post history, which gives us gems like the one below.

To quote Special Agent Rod:

Guys. Read my posts. I believe that thw ahooter did post on here but there is also more. Ive been here all day. There are at least two others that are posting in a bot, shilllike fashion to promote this. This theead never would have made the first page, where I found it this morning.
think there is outside involvement. Likely Russian.
In the posts not attributed the man himself, these two not only hyped this thread in an awkward way, they continued an odd pattern of posts to keep this thread alive. Look at the parallel language and style. pol does not talk like that.
Look at the memes chosen in these posts. Not even a fucking clown.
While I believe John may have been motivated by hia own beliefs and reasons, I believe that there are other forces at work here that may have provoked him.
The original link leads to a Tarrants Lads group In russian.
He may have been rightfully upset with the way the world is, but he may have been manipulated into this by something that is not.
I’d blame Mossad, the CIA and FBI too, but this time I am not so sure. We know all three of them can meme because we are shilled all day long by them.
He chose a crappy pistol. Anyone would have planned a litte more thoroughly. If BT is a hero to him as he describes, he would have learned from this mistakes, or at a minimun made an effort to emulate him and do the same. To walk in there completey unprepared with a single pistol sends off even more red flags,
This is very unusual. This is not the typical (((conspiracy))) and I am worried. I dont believe this is the end of this.
I hope some one else takes it upon themselves to investigate what I posted above as well.

Rod was also fond of calling people fags, shills, honk honk’ing, and blaming Russia for all of the world’s problems. He seemed to have his hands full directing people’s suspicions away from the FBI and Mossad.

Here’s an archive link to the complete thread.  You can search for Rod’s posts by hitting Alt+F and entering “8f4812”.

I’m about 99% sure that not only is the FBI, along with every other alphabet soup intelligence agency on the planet, engaging in mass disinformation campaigns in various internet chat rooms, I also believe they are responsible for 99% of the extreme racist content on sites like Gab.

They are fishing for patsies, selling lies, trying to incite and entrap, you name it, these clowns are doing it.  I have to wonder how much hate and bigotry my tax dollars have helped create on various internet forums around the world. Special Agent Rod seems to be putting in some serious troll work here.

MadHouseNews goes into a little more detail on previous times the FBI was caught promoting conspiracy theories and racist ideology.

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