Understanding the Unbearable Whiteness of Farming

Just an FYI from Washington State University:

We need more time too[sic] examine that unbearable whiteness of farming to meaningfully address systems of power that maintain inequality and injustice. For example, there is a growing movement to address black land loss due to discriminatory government policy as well as a lack of access to capital and overall poverty (Center for Social Inclusion 2011). Though farmland has been decreasing across the board, black farmers are being disproportionately forced from their land with one out of seven farms being black-owned in 1920 down to just one out of 100 by 1992 (Kromm 2010).

Clearly we need to adopt the same policies as Zimbabwe to level the playing field.

Zimbabwe’s policy of seizing white-owned farms and handing them over to black workers has cost the country £7billion in lost production over the past decade

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