Google’s CEO Reminds Us Why We Should Switch To DuckDuckGo

This is a Project Veritas report that shows a Google insider explaining how Google uses machine learning to actively suppress conservative content online.

Update: YouTube banned the video, full video can be found on Project Veritas’ site, as well as embedded below.

 I HIGHLY recommend switching to the Dissenter browser. 


Google’s CEO says he wants to see YouTube expand its crackdown on content.

The company’s chairman, Sundar Pichai, said he’s hoping to take Google’s model of prioritizing of “quality content” over to YouTube.

Pichai spoke with Axios’ Ina Fried, who expressed concern the tech company wasn’t taking a harder line against offensive content, pointing out a video she had seen of a “teenager who appeared to be donning Muslim garb, spewing a lot of anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, homophobic hate.”

“I don’t know all the details of this specific video, but in general, look, I mean all of us, you know, none of us want harmful content on our platforms,” Pichai said. “Last quarter alone we removed 9 million videos from the platform.”

The CEO then said he wants to expand YouTube’s view of what’s prohibited.

 I HIGHLY recommend switching to the Dissenter browser. 

A few features of the Dissenter browser:

  • Default DuckDuckGo search engine
  • Completely painless upgrade from Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Built-in Dissenter Commenting system that enables censorship free commenting on any URL on the web (click the little green D at the end of the address bar)
  • Eventually will integrate Bitcoin payment systems
  • Exceptional ad blocking, based on the Brave browser (Chrome off-shoot)
  • Will run most Chrome plugins
  • High degree of privacy

Here are instructions on how to make DuckDuckGo the default search for the Chrome browser.  If you use Google apps, like Gmail or Drive, you can sill get to them from Chrome by using the “Apps” tab on the far left of the menu bar.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve subsequently switched my default search engine to DuckDuckGo, and I regularly check BitChute to see censored content that is not available on YouTube.

The video below demonstrates just how censored Google’s search engine is.  It’s a pretty shocking comparison.

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